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From Purchase to Perusal: the Life-Cycle of Materials at the Wade Center


Have you ever wondered how the Wade Center and other similar libraries obtain and preserve materials for their collections? This exhibit explores the process.


Created by: The Marion E. Wade Center

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Jonathan Blanchard: More Than a Founder

Jonathan Blanchard was many things to many people during his life. He was a farmer, a scholar, and a preacher. A husband, a father, and a friend. But he was also a disciplinarian, an idealist, and an outspoken reformer. Jonathan Blanchard’s many roles reveal the complex man behind the accomplishments. 

Kenneth and Margaret Landon Timeline

A timeline of the lives of Kenneth and Margaret Landon interspersed with audio clips taken from over 95 hours of oral history interviews and hundreds of images.

Siam (Thailand) General

Margaret Landon in her garden in Siam  Margaret Landon in Siam 1910-1934

Margaret Landon's Family to College Years

sc38-0838-web.jpg   Margaret Mortenson with friends at Wheaton  Margaret Landon's College Years 1921-1927

Elizabeth Julia MortensonMargaret Landon's Childhood 1903-1921

sc38-0838-web.jpg  Laurids and Dorthea Mortenson (grandfather and grandmother)   Margaret Landon's Family 1850-1950

Margaret Landon's Career

sc38-1270-095-web.jpg  Still from "Anna and the king of Siam"  Margaret Landon's Writing Career 1917-1988

Kenneth Landon's Family to College Years

sc38-0838-web.jpg  Mary "Mae" Agnes Fletcher (K.L.'s Mother), as a child Kenneth Landon's Family 1864-1916
sc38-0838-web.jpg  Kenneth Perry Landon (age 10), William Bradley Landon Jr. (age 14) Kenneth Landon's Childhood 1868-1943
sc38-0838-web.jpg  Kenneth Perry Landon and Margaret Dorthea Mortenson (Landon) during their Wheaton years (1924-1925) Kenneth Landon's College Years 1921-1937

Kenneth Landon's Church and Missionary Career

sc38-0838-web.jpg  The Hutchinson's at Beach Haven, N.J. Kenneth Landon's Church Ministry 1925-1927
sc38-0838-web.jpg  People on the street in BangkokKenneth Landon in Siam 1927-1950

Kenneth Landon's Government Career

"sc38-0838-web.jpg  Dad in His Office, Kenneth P. Landon Kenneth Landon in the OCI, OSS and BEW 1917-1943
sc38-0838-web.jpg  Press Conference with John F. Kennedy (1962)Kenneth Landon at the State Department 1939-1988
sc38-0838-web.jpg  Ambassador to Thailand, William J. Donovan (aka "Wild Bill") on date of swearing in (1953) Kenneth Landon's SE Asia Trips 1945-1966

Kenneth Landon and the Country Team Seminar

sc38-0838-web.jpg  First Country Team Seminar, addressed by President John F. Kennedy at the White House (1962) Kenneth Landon and the Country Team Seminar 1962-1963

Kenneth Landon's Academic Career

sc38-0838-web.jpg  Buddhist Studies group at American University (Left to right: Katherine Dante, Michael Beaudon, Swe Thein of Burma, and Kenneth Landon) (1967) Kenneth Landon's Academic Career 1938-1989