Siam: Kenneth on Phosphorescent Eggs in Gulf of Siam

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Siam: Kenneth on Phosphorescent Eggs in Gulf of Siam


Kenneth tells again of his experience with the phosphorescent sea off the coast of Thailand. It was the Gulf of Siam. Kenneth was traveling on a moonlit night for twenty-five to thirty miles. He describes the sea and the strong impression that the phosphorescent sea had on him and his companions. It was the most incredible, eerie experience, almost heavenly, or angelic. You just could hardly feel it was of this world. It was so unusual. We were just floating on a sea of fire. And the other people in the boat with me were awestruck by it.


Landon, Kenneth (1903-1993)


January 1, 1929


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Over a course of 13 years Kip Landon (Kenneth Landon Jr.) began recording stories from his parents, Margaret and Kenneth Landon, resulting in 95 hours of recordings. Beginning on July 20, 1976, recording finished in June, 1978. The project resumed again in 1982 for a few months. After a long break, the third recording period began in 1988 and concluded in March 1989.

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Kenneth Landon (1903-1993)



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Box 82: Oral History: "The Landon Chronicles" CDs 51-75

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Hour 61, clip 4


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Landon, Kenneth (1903-1993) , “Siam: Kenneth on Phosphorescent Eggs in Gulf of Siam,” Digital Exhibits of Wheaton College, accessed October 28, 2020,