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Kenneth learned about the death of Margaret's father right at the time when a group of young people were ready to join the church under his leadership as a newly appointed pastor. Reluctantly he decided not to attend the funeral in order to care for…

Kenneth tells how he was saving money for marriage while pastoring the church in Columbus, NJ. He figured he could get up to $600 by the spring, which would give him enough money for his wedding in June

Kenneth was a good preacher who had mastered the techniques of preaching. He never wrote his sermons and learned very early how to hold an audience. He was so comfortable with his audience that Brad wondered where he had gotten it. 

In March Kenneth was still looking for a church to lead. He recalls receiving letters from two of the churches he had written to, but there were no firm promises yet at this point.

Kenneth was approached by someone about taking over the leadership of a church in Columbus, NJ. He earned $1500 a year.

Kenneth recalls his April 5 tryout sermon at the church in Columbus, NJ. He always summarized a sermon in one sentence, and if he couldn't, he would feel he didn't know what he was talking about.

Kenneth recalls his first day at the church in Columbus, NJ. He describes the church building and its people. He comments on the order of service on this first day. He went in the evening for service at another church. 

Kenneth tells about his Easter Sunday at the Columbus church, his morning preparation and teaching, his sermon on the resurrection and its impact on the congregation. He commented how the church was willing to get him a car.

Kenneth's congregation in Columbus, NJ, liked him and his preaching. They hoped he would stay with them the whole summer or longer.

Kenneth spoke at a funeral and was invited to speak at several of them from that day. One day he asked why people so often wanted him to speak at funerals, and the answer came, "Well, you're always so cheerful." 

Kenneth attracted some thirty new young people who came to listen on Sunday at the church. The usual older folks in the church couldn't believe it. Some of the young people who came were females, and Kenneth tells about the challenges this creates…

Kenneth tells about his painting of the car the church had bought him. The mixture of paint and enamel gave the car a gloss like a mirror. Margaret recalls that Kenneth once had all the "insides" of the car out.

Kenneth's first funeral at the Deacons' was a big one, with crowds of people coming from all over Pennsylvania. It was all new to him, but he made no mistakes, even at the grave.

Kenneth reads a journal entry about a Sunday school play he participated in. He comments on Wiley Young, a dramatic and powerful preacher who came to the church the summer before, competing with Kenneth for the position of pastor of the church.…

Kenneth recalls an argument with Mr. Rigg, his head elder, who invited him to attend a church service given specially for the Masonic Lodge. Kenneth refused what was an implicit invitation to join the Lodge, and Rigg didn't like this refusal a bit.

While on a walk in the country in Columbus, N.J., Kenneth met Mrs. Agnus Wright who took him in her car over to her house for dinner.

In Columbus, NJ, Kenneth found a room to stay, at the house of Mrs. Townsend. He talks about how he managed to go from a small to a large room in Mrs. Townsend's house.

Kenneth tells of a letter he received from a member of a church he pastored in Cambridge City, Indiana. Kenneth has had only two small churches in the US, one in Columbus, New Jersey, and one in Cambridge City, Indiana, while he was the head of the…

Kenneth had only two more Sundays to preach in Columbus, and the news of his departure felt like there was a funeral going on. The feeling, says Kenneth, was mutual. Yet, "I can surely look back on my first church with satisfaction and peace in my…

Kenneth and Margaret visited the Meadville church, where Kenneth preached in the evening service on March 13. From there Margaret set off for Wheaton.

Kenneth was asked to preach at Princeton and he did it the most natural but effective way he could. He almost won the sermon contest without knowing that he was participating in it.

Kenneth wrote out all the Christmas cards by hand, to all the families in the church. It was a beautiful card. Margaret reads the message that Kenneth had composed. Kenneth comments that it was a great love affair, "It was my first church

Margaret reads from a letter to her mother telling her about the effective ministry that Kenneth was having. She tells about a sixteen years old boy that Kenneth had led to Christ and how this boy was growing amazingly in his faith. 

Kenneth recalls a bit of a problem with the girls at his church who were asking him for a ride home. He was glad to do that and it even was fun at times, but some of the girls kept putting themselves forward.

A cornucopia of fruits and vegetables appeared on the alter at Thanksgiving. It was from the church to the Landons. Miss Abbie Farwell had superintended the present. She was a delightful old woman that Kenneth had become friends with in his church…
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