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Kenneth's father was of puritan congregational background. He rarely gave presents to his children, not even at Christmas (which he did not believe in). Kenneth tells about his shock when, following his marriage he discovered that his wife's…

Henry Landon, Kenneth's uncle, was a very bland person, a politician type, and very likable. He always knew what was going on and how to adjust to it. He was a very able civil engineer. (The clip contains some side information about the Landon…

Kenneth's father, Brad, was always after Ed (the other uncle of Kenneth besides Henry) to shape up. Brad and Henry were so successful that Ed just looked around and decided that it wasn't worth the effort, so he stayed home most of the time (in part…

Kenneth recalls the life of his father, Bradley William Landon his birth, youth, and physical appearance. He was a very influential person in the Erie Railroad and a very brilliant chemist, well-known throughout the United States. He tells of the…

Kenneth tells about his birth, how his father and a friend were negligent in letting his mother struggle alone upstairs giving birth to him, and how she expressed her anger to get the men's attention.

Kenneth tells about the home of his mother, where she would visit often very early in his childhood.

Kenneth tells about his father's courtship with Mae, how he had a problem falling asleep unexpectedly and how he used whiskey to stay awake. Mae eventually referred him to a doctor for treatment.

Kenneth tells about family celebrations and recalls a Thanksgiving celebration at which Uncle Billy gave magnum champagne to his mother and how she did not know what to do with it and so poured into in a pitcher.

Kenneth and Margaret talk about Kenneth's father's military career and his death.

Kenneth tells the story of his gold ring with the two diamonds and how his grandfather first owned and used it.

Kenneth tells about his father's love for his wife (Kenneth's mother) and intimacy problems in their marriage.

Kenneth tells about his mother's family and his frequent train trips to Brooklyn to his mother's home. Margaret gives the birth dates for Kenneth's parents and for each of their children.

Kenneth explains the "tragedy" of his mother's misnaming at baptism, when the minister named her "Mary".

Kenneth explains the origin of his middle name, "Perry", which he got from a "collateral" relative, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. he sings a song about the Commodore and recalls how, at age thirteen, his father took him to see the great picture on…
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